To unlock improved performance in future auto engines, automakers will require consumer access to higher octane fuels at retail gas stations. Corn farmers, just like all Americans, want access to the lowest cost, most efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe motor fuels available.  Corn ethanol is uniquely positioned as it is the only option that checks all of these boxes today. Ethanol is a commercially available, high-octane, low-carbon, affordable source of octane that stands ready to reliably supply the U.S. motor fuel market with a homegrown fuel. Studies have shown that in order to optimize the performance of future engines, a high-octane fuel could utilize between 20%-40% ethanol compared to the 10%-15% blends standard across the U.S. today.  The move to higher octane fuels will not occur overnight, but it is NCGA’s stance that we must move quickly to plant the seeds for future ethanol demand that will positively impact farmers for decades to come.