EPA Issues Final E15 Waiver For Summer Driving Season

Posted on: April 19, 2024

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today it will extend approval of E15, a higher ethanol blend also known as Unleaded 88, during the upcoming summer driving season. This decision ensures drivers can continue to access this lower-cost, lower-emission fuel option amid rising gasoline prices. Missouri Corn Growers Association President Brent Hoerr welcomed the final waiver needed for year-round E15 in the state.

“We’re glad this is the last E15 emergency waiver EPA will have to issue for Missouri. Despite E15 being approved for 96% of the vehicles on the road today, outdated regulations exclude it from being sold during summer months. In February, EPA approved a waiver requested by Gov. Mike Parson and seven other Midwest governors that granted drivers access to the fuel year-round starting in 2025. Missouri is again helping provide drivers with cleaner, more cost-effective choices at the pump and utilizing an energy source grown and refined in our state.

“America’s corn farmers and ethanol facilities are dedicated to expanding today’s energy solutions. Utilizing higher blends of corn-based renewable fuels is a straightforward strategy for improving energy independence, delivering ongoing savings at the pump, minimizing harmful emissions, and promoting a cleaner future.”

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