White House Approves Governors’ E15 Request

Posted on: February 22, 2024

(JEFFERSON CITY)—The White House announced today it was approving a plan put forth by Gov. Mike Parson and seven other Midwest governors to ensure drivers have access to year-round fuel containing 15 percent ethanol (E15), also known as Unleaded 88, starting in 2025.

“Today’s announcement of year-round E15 is good news for consumers,” says Missouri Corn Growers Association President Brent Hoerr of Palmyra. “It was a long road to get here, and we appreciate Gov. Parson for pushing to ensure drivers have continued access to cleaner, more cost-effective choices at the pump and utilize an energy source grown and refined here in Missouri.”

Despite E15 having a lower Reid vapor pressure (RVP) than most fuel on the market, outdated regulations excluded it from being sold during summer months. In December 2022, Gov. Parson joined a coalition of Midwest governors to request a waiver through the Clean Air Act for lower-volatility gasoline during summer months. According to the statutory deadline, EPA was required to respond to this request within 90 days. However, it took the agency nearly a year from the initial request to issue the proposed rule.

“While the timeline for year-round E15 took longer than expected, we are grateful for the administration’s support of higher ethanol blends,” notes Hoerr. “Given today’s growing energy needs, it defies logic to leave an antiquated barrier in place that depletes demand for an American fuel source.”

The use of E15 was approved by EPA in 2011 for all 2001 and newer vehicles, accounting for more than 96% of vehicles on the road today.

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