Momentum Building For Next Generation Fuels Act

Posted on: September 12, 2023

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.)—Today, the Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA) thanked members of Missouri’s congressional delegation and state industry partners for their support of the Next Generation Fuels Act. A top priority for the corn industry, the legislation aims to transition gasoline vehicles to low-carbon, higher-octane fuel, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and take advantage of higher ethanol blends. 

“We greatly appreciate Congressmen Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mark Alford, Emanuel Cleaver, Jason Smith, and Sam Graves for joining the growing list of Next Generation Fuels Act supporters,” stated MCGA President Clint Stephens of Advance, Mo. “As Congress returns from August recess, we know farm bill is top of mind, but we’re also gaining traction toward updating our nation’s fuel standards to more efficient, high-octane, low-carbon fuels.”

In May 2023, the EPA proposed sweeping new vehicle emission standards. If implemented, electric vehicles (EVs) would account for 67% of new light and medium-duty vehicle sales and nearly half of new heavy-duty vehicle sales by 2032. While electric vehicles have gained attention in recent years, lack of infrastructure, accessibility, and rising costs are significant hurdles for Missouri farmers, businesses, and consumers.

Introduced earlier this year by bipartisan members of the House and Senate, the Next Generation Fuels Act would modernize liquid fuels, ensuring today’s internal combustion engines remain competitive, relevant, and affordable. This policy would ensure consumers have greater choice and affordability by model year 2026. Corn-based ethanol allows for engine optimization, which helps automotive manufacturers meet vehicle fuel efficiency standards and lower emissions. The bill increases octane sources that result in nearly 50 percent fewer GHG emissions than unblended gasoline and sets new limits on toxic hydrocarbon aromatics.

“I’m proud to support this bipartisan, commonsense legislation alongside my Missouri delegation colleagues,” noted Rep. Alford. “The Next Generation Fuels Act is a vital step in promoting homegrown, clean-burning fuels like ethanol that are better for the environment, lower prices for consumers, and provide additional market access for our corn farmers. I will continue to be a champion for biofuels and encourage my colleagues in the House to help move this bill forward.”

“Missourians want to see their elected representatives seek common ground and find solutions that will address the issues most important to their communities, not play partisan politics at the expense of hardworking families,” said Rep. Cleaver. “The Next Generation Fuels Act will not only accelerate our nation’s transition to lower carbon fuel sources—which is critical to combating increasingly frequent heat waves and droughts in Missouri—but it also expands opportunity and prosperity for Missouri farmers across the state. That’s a win for my constituents, Missouri’s ag industry, and the Show-Me State as a whole.”

“Missouri farmers need more reliable markets for corn, and Missouri families need access to more affordable, American-made fuels. The Next Generation Fuels Act solves both problems at the same time,” said Rep. Graves. “It’s a win-win that I’m proud to support.”

In addition to strong congressional and national support, more than 35 Missouri businesses or organizations have also stepped up to help convey the importance to the state’s economy and local communities. Companies interested in joining the growing coalition of Next Generation Fuels Act supporters are encouraged to contact the Missouri Corn office at (573) 893-4181. Learn more about the benefits of low-carbon, high-octane fuels at or visit

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