Missouri Consumers Receive Early Christmas Gift With Year-Round E15 Request

Posted on: December 23, 2022

The Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA) applauds recent actions by Gov. Mike Parson that add Missouri to a long list of states requesting year-round E15. Nine other states, including Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, have asked EPA to initiate the rulemaking that would allow E15 to be sold from April through June.

Pres. Joe Biden announced an emergency waiver this spring to allow E15 to be sold during this summer driving season in response to high gas prices. That waiver, however, only applied to 2022. The effort launched by Midwest governors aims to enact a permanent solution for year-round E15 in their respective states.

“Allowing E15 sales to continue this past summer helped extend tight fuel supplies and provided Missouri drivers with lower-priced options at the pump during a period of record high fuel prices and turmoil in the world energy market,” Gov. Parson said in his Dec. 21 letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan. “However, it is clear that relying on emergency waivers for year-round sales of E15 is not a long-term solution for Missouri’s fuel retailers, farmers and ethanol producers, consumers, or the environment. Thus, I am joining other Midwest states in seeking a permanent solution to allow year-round E15 and further reduce emissions.”

The Clean Air Act allows governors to notify EPA that they wish to reject the use of the 1-psi waiver for E10 in their states. If granted, this would result in E10 and E15 being on equal regulatory footing in the summer months. The original multi-state request is now under official review by the White House Office of Management and Budget. Federal legislation has also been introduced that would supersede the state-specific requests.

“This is a huge win for all Missourians,” notes MCGA CEO Bradley Schad. “Once finalized, this action by Gov. Parson would allow retailers across the state to fully utilize infrastructure investments and provide drivers with year-round, economical, cleaner-burning fuel while providing additional markets for a renewable fuel grown and refined here in Missouri.”

Schad continues, “Farmers understand the importance of community and helping one another through hard times. By expanding clean and low-cost ethanol choices at the pump, we can help address this nation’s long-term energy needs and support rural economies here in Missouri and across the country. We thank the governor for his steadfast support of commonsense solutions, Missouri’s farmers, and the citizens of this great state.”

A full version of the governor’s letter is available online

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