Heitman Named Missouri Corn Merchandising Council Chairman

Posted on: September 30, 2014

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.)–Morris Heitman, a corn grower from Mound City, Mo., has been elected chairman of the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council (MCMC). Heitman assumes his new role Oct. 1, succeeding Kevin Hurst of Tarkio, Mo.

“Starting my seventh year representing corn growers, I look forward to taking on a more active leadership role within the organization,” notes Heitman. “There are many challenges ahead. Traditionally our use of corn has been ethanol, livestock feed and exports. With this year’s tremendous crop, we will need to expand those uses. We have a real opportunity to ramp up food production by transforming our crop into red meat and protein to assist those hungry around the world.”
Heitman represents corn farmers from District 1 in the northwest region of the state. He previously served the state’s growers as MCMC secretary and treasurer as well as Missouri Corn Growers Association vice president, secretary and treasurer. Heitman also works on behalf of corn farmers nationally with his service on the National Corn Growers Association Production and Stewardship Action Team and the U.S. Grains Council Value-Added Advisory Team.
“It was a wonderful opportunity to serve as chairman of the Merchandising Council,” noted Hurst. “I enjoyed the time leading the Council and know Morris will do a wonderful job taking over the reins.”

The MCMC board of directors is comprised of 14 farmers elected from across the state. This volunteer producer board was formed in 1984 with the passage of a corn checkoff and is dedicated to market development, research and education. The Missouri Corn Growers Association is a grassroots organization of more than 2,700 members committed to increasing the profitability of corn production through sound policies, continued market development and strong involvement in the political process. To learn more, visit www.mocorn.org.

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Morris Heitman

Photo Caption: Mound City corn farmer Morris Heitman was elected Missouri Corn Merchandising Council chairman during an August board meeting. Heitman assumes his role Oct.1, succeeding Kevin Hurst of Tarkio, Mo.

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